Cake is ALWAYS a good idea


All cake pricing includes either standard or deluxe  flavors as well as a custom icing design of your choosing!

Sweet Satisfaction Bakery complies with all copyright regulations. Due to strict copyright laws, we cannot make cakes, cupcakes, or cookies using licensed characters unless a copyright release has been received from the copyright owner. We must have a release to use licensed characters or themes. These include, but are not limited to: Disney, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, Professional Sports Teams, College logos, etc. We cannot draw or recreate characters or their likeness on any of our bakery products; however, we do have options to legally create you a character cake.

1)    We have access to a variety of edible images and figurines. Or you can purchase a figurine and bring it to us. We are happy to put any item you bring us on your cake and decorate around it.

2)      DecoPac also has hundreds of licensed character that we can legally recreate. You can choose from their cake designs, but we are required to design them exactly as they are pictured. (Please allow several days notice for licensed character cakes as we may not have all designs in stock.)

3)    If you would really like to order a cake with a licensed character but you do not choose an option above, you may also contact the owner of the copyright to obtain release for one time use, in writing. This may take some time and can be expensive. 

Please contact us to find out if your licensed character is available. 

We kindly request you don’t ask us to break the law. There are several legal ways to decorate your cake in a creative way.

(Although there are endless cake designs using license characters on the internet, please check with us about your cake design. We are often able to create a unique and beautiful cake using colors and themes (such as beaches) that can mimic your licensed character idea without infringing on copyright laws. )